The comeback of the office

Discover the workspaces that will make your office environment work better for you


Discover your office landscape

We see an office landscape as a bustling environment where there is much going on. All landscapes are different and this also applies to office landscapes.

What would be the best way to organise your office landscape? During this workshop, we investigate which workspaces would work best in your office environment.
It’s all about the people who will be using the office landscape.


The workshop exercises.

Exercise 1


Which activities match with which spaces? Spaces don’t have the same function for everyone and a workplace can be used for different activities. This exercise will make you more aware of the different types of spaces you need.

Exercise 2

The company

What are the core values and features that most aptly describe you, your department, and the company? When we know more about you and your goals, we can create an office environment that supports the company identity.

Exercise 3


What are the different roles present in the workplace? An organisation always has certain archetypes. This exercise will broadly identify the types of people who will be using the office landscape. People have different needs when it comes to organising the workplace.

Exercise 4


What landscapes can we create and what could be their respective functions? We identify the options, how they can be structured and, even more importantly, how you picture your ideal landscape. The choice is yours.

Exercise 5


How are we going to design and organise the spaces to create a proper office landscape? You can make a top 5 of all landscapes. This will establish which spaces you consider to be essential within the office landscape.

The next step?

The follow-up.

Convince your colleagues how important it is to have or furnish that one particular workplace. You will get an overview of the choices you have made so you can discuss them with your colleagues. This will result in a lively discussion and the office landscape will start to take shape.

After that, it will be our turn to get to work again. We provide you with a clear overview of all the collected information and choices. Based on the hard facts and figures, our interior designers will then design the ideal office landscape.

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